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I dropped my plant after transplant and it's about a foot tall and the roots seem to be fine help?

I tripped and fell with it in my hands it fell the whole plant came out of the pot when I picked it up the roots seemed to be fine so I planted it ...

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Freaking out I used well water in netti pot will I be okay?

So its 2 days since I've did this i have well water instead of city water i know your not suppose to use either but I just did it not realizing ...

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Is henna low fat live set yoghurt safe for pregnant women?

Just ate some and can't see on pot if it's made with pasteurised milk or not?!

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My parent dosen't want me to smoke pot, I don't see anything wrong with it?

Recently I've been getting caught up with Pot.. with my Dad. I'm 15 and in High ...

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Can smoking pot one time when six months pregnant hurt the baby?

i am six months pregnant, and i smoked pot for the first time today. i Only took 4 hits of pot. But i am ...

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I smoked pot for the first time HELP?

I smoked pot for the first time today it was already used already burnt pot I only had 3 or 4 drags and didn't get a high I ...

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