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Planting flowers in pots instead of the ground?

in a 15 inch wide pot, how many plants can you put in one pot.

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Is slow cook low temp on a pressure cooker the same as low heat on a crock pot?

I have a pressure cooker not a crock pot and my recipe calls for low heat for 6-8 hrs in a crock pot. When I choose slow cook on the pressure cooker ...

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Tiny mites on soil in a small tomato pot?

I did a time lapse on my camera of one of my tomato plants and saw a couple of white specks scribbling across the soil through out the video. My ...

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My parent dosen't want me to smoke pot, I don't see anything wrong with it?

Recently I've been getting caught up with Pot.. with my Dad. I'm 15 and in High ...

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Can smoking pot one time when six months pregnant hurt the baby?

i am six months pregnant, and i smoked pot for the first time today. i Only took 4 hits of pot. But i am ...

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I found pot in my parents room?

I've found pot in my parents bed room what happens if I call the cops? What should I do?

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