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Do artificial sweeteners contain calories?

The label of my pot of sucralose says it contains 376 calories for 100 g. Same for stevia and aspartame. But how can this be if they contain no carbs?

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If Chicken Pot Pies are warmed up in Aluminum foil, in the microwave, why not anything?

I was about to warm up an actual pie, in the microwave, a family member said, "Now, you know you can't warm that up in that, you can't ...

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My parent dosen't want me to smoke pot, I don't see anything wrong with it?

Recently I've been getting caught up with Pot.. with my Dad. I'm 15 and in High ...

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Can smoking pot one time when six months pregnant hurt the baby?

i am six months pregnant, and i smoked pot for the first time today. i Only took 4 hits of pot. But i am ...

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Planting flowers in pots instead of the ground?

in a 15 inch wide pot, how many plants can you put in one pot.

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