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Lost power to hvac system and electronic 4x4 and the battery light came on the dash?

Totally lost all power to hvac system. Battery light is on the dash. When you try to turn on the fan switch all the 4x4 lights go off then come back ...

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My iPhone 7 plus won't turn on and it's been 2 days. What do I do?

I powered it off yesterday for 30 mins came back and it wouldn't power back up?

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Power factor correction?

A single phase circuit draws 90kw at 0.5 power factor. What reactive power Q is required to improve the power factor to 0.8? thanks :)

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If God is the Creator of All, did God also create evil itself (Any Religion)?

The definition of God is that (Let's call God a he) he is someone whom is omnipotent ...

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Computer Problem?

When I turn on the power supply to my computer, my mouse's light light up signalling that power is running to my computer, when I push the power ...

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I spilled water on my power cord and now none of the outlets in that room work?

I had water on a table and it got knocked over somehow and spilt on my extension cord, ...

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What is the correct term for someone who believes in evolution but also believes in a higher power?

I am having trouble classifying myself. I think the Bible is fiction, ...

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What would you use if your power goes out?

In my opinion candles are not as practical as they use to be. They can be fire hazards when you do not have power. Which leaves ...

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