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Why would he do this? I have been in a relationship with someone for a little over 2 years. He ended

... up having to go to prison for a few years. We have been managing to hold on to our relationship the best we can while he is away. There have ...

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Does my dad in prison owe me rent for living on my own from age 15-18 instead of with him?

My dad got arrested when I was a child. I had to live on the streets/on my own at age 15. Your supposed to live with your parents til age 18. Would ...

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My sister is dating a guy who just came out of prison, he beats her and takes her money. She has a 5

... year old son. The Boyfriend hasn't abused my nephew yet ...

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I did something horrible and I need to make it right. How do I explain that I just didn't want to be

... alone? I love my husband with all that i am, but when he was in ...

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I feel trapped?

i'm not suicidal. but lately it feels like my life is more like a prison than life. everyone tells me that getting a job will solve everything but i ...

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Hey my work sample requires me to write about the basis that the punishment system should be an eye?

... for an eye and so far I have its "it's immoral and ...

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