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For college students, and college graduates?

How would professors react if a student had turned in an assignment that was a Google document that had been "shared" that was actually ...

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What makes water milky (foamy) when shaken?

Once my professor said that seawater/river water looks foamy because of the presence of organic molecules which breaks up the hydrogen-oxygen bonds ...

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I need an easily remembered English female name?

I'm a 23 years old Asian girl. It's hard for me to find a proper English name, which I need to introduce myself ...

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Is my professor flirting with me?

I am 22-year-old and my professor seems like 34-year-old. This is my first time taking his class. It's a class for writing a ...

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I need some help to come up with two questions about death?

I am taking Philosophy at college this quarter and our professor asked us to come up with two questions for ...

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How do you think Snape would react if he somehow found out that Hermione is in love with him?

Harry Potter fans: how do you think Professor Snape found out that Hermione ...

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Which college degree is right for me?

I would love to do field work involving animals and the effects their environment has on them. My dream job would include studying ...

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