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If I play Fortnite on Xbox with a mobile player do we only play against Xbox and mobile players?

Or do we play against people of all kinds - like PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch etc?

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Is my PS4 corrupted?

So i was playing my PS4 when my power went out for about ten minutes i turned on my PS4 back on then it gave me a message saying that it was checking ...

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Do I buy a ps4 , new iPhone or a watch?

my parents are coming back from ireland and said they would get me either a le ps4 an iPhone 6 or a new watch, what should i get

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Xbox one vs PS4?

I want to know which is best Xbox one or ps4,both have advantages over eachother,i don t care about the ps4 s better graphic memory,in overall which is ...

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Should I let my 9 year old son have an Xbox?

His friends at school all have ps4, xbox etc where they can interact with each other. My son has asked me can he have an ...

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Need help finding my ps4 controller?

So here's the story I am 16 years old and I bought a PS4 and my mom took the controller and grounded me with no chance to get ...

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Can you play disc-based video games on a Playstation 4 without an Internet connection?

I'm considering getting a PS4 because all my favourite games can be played on ...

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