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Kevin is trying to find a brown sock in his drawer. He has 16 white socks, 4 brown socks, and 6...

... black socks. What is the probability that he pulls out either a black or white sock, puts it back and then pulls out a brown sock?

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Origin of term chicken grip?

In my exercise class we want to know the origin of the term chicken grip when we grip both fingers and try and pull our hands apart.

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Could not pull up password. all information in phone deleted. I was told to go to Google, since...

...I have a Google account, to reset essentials. I do not understand what to do now?

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Is this rape?

Well last summer I had some issues with my best friend the next day he started to touch me and pull me closer to him when we where walking down the alley ...

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Can you get pregnate on your period?

me and my boyfriend had sex aout 10 times in one day with no condom, just using the pull out method.. and i had my period the next ...

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Am I pregnant?

okay so i had sex with my boyfriend tonight and he used no pretection, he cum 3 times but just before he would cum he would pull out but i have herd that ...

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Know what the non-corkscrew wine opener is called?

It has 2 metal bars which you slide down the side of the cork to essentially break the seal. You then simply pull the ...

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