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Physics help! Fluids?

1. The density of gold is 19 300 kg/m3. What is the mass of a gold sphere whose diameter is 3.15 cm? 2. A child wants to pump up a bicycle tires so ...

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Im having problems with my fuel pump, no fuel is pumping through and does it need to be primned?

its a f250 and i have a mecganical fuel pump and im having trouble please ...

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Had surgery, and have been leaking spinal fluid for a month, how serious?

About a month ago, my husband had a pain pump surgically installed and about four days after I ...

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My tenants basement flooded?

My tenants hooked their washing machine directly into the sump pump in the basement. The basement flooded and there were bubbles everywhere. ...

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Sore Lump on my upper left gum?

I have a sore pump on my upper left gum, it is painful when I touch it. It's not my wisdom tooth or anything. Any ideas what this ...

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