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Mrs. MacNugget wants to make pumpkin pie for her and her husband for Thanksgiving. The problem is?

... she has a recipe that would make 4 pies with 3 1/2 cups of flour. She only needs to make 1 pie. How much flour will she need for 1 pie?

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Consider firing a pumpkin from a canon at a target that is 17 meters away. The pumpkin follows a?

... quadratic path as displayed to the right. Will the pumpkin hit the target? 1a. Use the graphing calculator to make a table of the given ordered ...

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Is it legal for my employer to lower my wages even though I worked off season (or off payroll)?

I work in a traveling carnival. Got laid off because of end of season. But every Oct for the pumpkin patch owned by someone else. We only get $20-$30 ...

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