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Watery Stools No Solid?

This is so new to me, and its kind of scary, but for the past two days, I have been having Watery stools, i mean like pure water or brown water, no ...

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I have pure science in class 12. But after board exam, I wanna pursue Psychology, is that possible?

I am from West Bengal, India. I could not take psychology for 1 because I didn't get the subject combination I wanted.Now, after boards I wanna ...

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Why aren't you supposed to apply tea tree oil directly to your face?

I have a bottle of 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil that I use on my body for acne and other blemishes. It works on them and I have acne on my face that I want ...

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Who knows a REAL horror film?

I'm looking for a horror movie..but it needs to be a movie that really makes me feel real HORROR, not just some scary moments or pure ...

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I'm 15 and I like an 11 year old. Is this bad? My intentions are pure and we both love God. I'm not?

... some perverted weirdo. I really do like this girl. She's ...

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Does 100% pure gold melt in your hand?

real gold not fake gold

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Maths - the king asked archimedes if his crown is made from pure gold he knows that the crown is?

... either pure gold or it may have some silver in it . archimedes ...

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BRONIES ONLY. I'm looking for a new manestyle?

Ok, so I am a female Earth Pony with a pure white coat and bubblegum pink mane and tail. I am trying to find a new ...

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