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My hair is pretty porous. I bought Colorful #3 Platinum Protein Filler to help dye my hair evenly?

My hair is pretty porous. I bought Colorful #3 Platinum Protein Filler to help dye my hair evenly. It’s purple. My question is if I add this to ...

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Gulf Fritillaries?

So I have a purple Passion vine that draws in Fritillary butterflies this year I have actually gotten to see the caterpillars and was wondering if ...

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I have recently died my hair trying to get it to a light color I went to a blonde and it always...

... turns out really brassy but I have been using purple shampoo well. Anyway it has been about a month now and my hair is like a darker dirty brown ...

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Where can I get very cheap clothes??

I dont have much and I dont like any. I'm in middle school, i love dark colors (black blue purple ect.) I'm use to normal ...

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How can I get my hair to grow?! It doesn't seem to be growing at all :(?

I used to have quite long hair but with constant dying it and using harsh colours in my hair like ...

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What color is obsidian in minecraft?

I see it as black and purple, but my friend says it's completely purple. WHY?!?!?! What color is it meant to be?

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Today I hurt my hand. I slammed it in the doorway. And its bruising really purple. Tips?

I slammed my hand in the door and my knuckles turned purple and I don't know ...

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How to solve this math problem?

There are purple, pink and white cups in Nancy's storeroom. The number of purple cups is 7 times the number of white cups, and there ...

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