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First of all, if this is the wrong place to post this, let me know. I recently acquired a?

... Behringer Xenyx X1204USB mixer. However, the USB Audio output seems to be extremely quiet. Audio does come through, but I need to turn the main ...

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If a character is quiet on the outside but loud on the inside, what would be some subtle hints to it

in screenplays there are usually little details that are deeply representative of a character's personality so I want to know what little ...

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Friend is bringing her 11yo on conference weekend. The day I’m doing quiet work and friend is out...

...all day. I agreed to attend a conference and split room and travel costs with a friend. Last minute she announces her 11 year old daughter will be ...

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Im in fifth grade and I like girl and everybody in my class says that we'd make a couple?

Should i tell her let 's give it a shot or should i be quiet. I AM SHY

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I am 14. My friends dont care about me. I am too quiet. Id like to find new friends. Help?

So i am lonely. I have nobody to talk to. And sadly i dont know what to do ...

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Do guys like make-up???

I dnt like wearing a lot of make-up.. it makes me feel quiet uncomfortable.. But i dnt knw whether boys like make-up.. But most of my frnz say i ...

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How do I get a boy to notice me in fifth grade?

I'm in fifth grade and i'm sorta the quiet, shy girl. My girlfriends tell me that too! I don't have a lot ...

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