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My boyfriend pinched me to get me to shut up. Am I overreacting by getting upset?

We were watching a show and I was joking around with him and I made a neighing sound (long story). He pinched me and told me to be quiet. He claims ...

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Rights, when buying from auctions?

I was buying various household items and tools from an auction house regularly to try and make some extra cash while business went quiet over the ...

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Im in fifth grade and I like girl and everybody in my class says that we'd make a couple?

Should i tell her let 's give it a shot or should i be quiet. I AM SHY

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I am 14. My friends dont care about me. I am too quiet. Id like to find new friends. Help?

So i am lonely. I have nobody to talk to. And sadly i dont know what to do ...

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Do guys like make-up???

I dnt like wearing a lot of make-up.. it makes me feel quiet uncomfortable.. But i dnt knw whether boys like make-up.. But most of my frnz say i ...

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How do I get a boy to notice me in fifth grade?

I'm in fifth grade and i'm sorta the quiet, shy girl. My girlfriends tell me that too! I don't have a lot ...

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Olanzapine cold turkey?

hiya people im new to this,,i suffer gad an panic,my pdoc has me on olanzapine i quiet 5 days ago how long does this last #nervous wreck

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