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What could be my average grade percentage if?

I have a Quiz average of (69.75%) weighted 40% and a Unit Test(78.50%) weighted 60% what is my average grade? Also, my final is weighted 25% and ...

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Can someone help me with some visual basic coding?

I need to write a code for quiz input, and I honestly have no idea what I'm doing right now. Can someone write it for me and explain every step? ...

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IF A+B=76 A-B=38 A/B=?

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What Harry Potter house are you in?

PLEASE READ ALL Do you have a potter more account and if so what house are you in. If you are not allowed a pottermore account then ...

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In isosceles ∆RSU, what type of angle is ∠SRU?

I have a geometry quiz tomorrow and I need to complete this...

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8 plates cost $48. How much does 20 plates cost?

Ratios quiz

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