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FRB 180309 does anyone know of an audio file I can access for this one?

I am referring to the fast radio burst FRB 180309 specifically not previous bursts. Any assistance is very much appreciated.

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I was listening to a song on the radio but didnt really get it right. It says something like that

I Googled the lyrics but didn't find anything Btw the artist is Johan Glossner

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Why is radio useful?

I am doing a research in the internet about this topic and i had difficulties finding why is radio useful. I would like an answer about this!

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There is a new song on the radio. It sounds old style, but yet is Rap/R&B. What is this?

It sounds like a 50's style but remixed modern.

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Mobile phones is?

Mobile phones is……? Mobile phones (Cell phones) may be new devices, but they originated in the 1920’s. Radios were used since 1921. ...

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If I am 13, how can I enter a radio contest to meet One Direction if the age limit is18+?

Okay so a radio station has a contest to meet One Direction and I really want to ...

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Rap song possibly ft T.I?

I heard this song on the radio the other night 9.35 at 10:19 tuesday and forgot to look it up. All i wrote down was what i heard in the course ...

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