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Consider the following scenario. The highlighted portions are only to raise your awareness of...

...some of the issues involved. Imagine that you are the scientist described here. How would you work out the ethical issues involved? As you ...

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What if we raised age to say 30 in order to buy assault type weapons?

define assault weapons and raise age to 30 before you can purchase.

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The question is: Can the Director not give you a raise because you receive a military retirement?

I was at a interview for a previous position and was called in to the HR Office. Once inside I was told that the position had a few changes and would ...

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Im thirteen and think I'm pregnant. I have almost all symptoms, and dont know what to do?

I would like some advice. If I am pregnant, I would keep the child and raise it. ...

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What are creative ways to raise funds?

It's for a school project. Thanks

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What will happen if I undergo plastic surgery to raise my nose when I have a chin that juts out?

i'm an asian girl and i'm extremely consious about my ...

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Sex - I had feeling for my best friends, and shes a girl, is that wrong?

ive known this girl from 4 yrs old, raise together since primary and also secondary schoo then ...

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Shaving head for charity but?

I want to shave my head in honour if a 13 year old girl who recently lost her battle with cancer, she was fighting two forms, and I want to ...

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