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Creepy, lizard like white geckos on my porch at night?

I have what I think are albino lizards or geckos on my porch at night. Their poop looks like large mouse or rat poop. I never see them in daytime. ...

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How can I influence my mom to let me get a pet rat?

I really want a pet rat I already have enough money for the cage food and treats and stuff. But my mom says our dogs ...

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My rat is scared of me! HELP?

Yesterday I bought a 4 week old rat! I past the HOLE day with her but she is so scared of me that she doesn't even eat from my hand! ...

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Will my pet rats be ok ??

I have 4 rats and I went on holiday for 5 days. I left enough food and 2 water bottles for them, but my flight has been cancelled and now ...

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My pet rats REEK! Any suggestions on how to combat the smell?

I've tried everything! My two girls are only. Couple of months old, but my mum swears that they will ...

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Can I legally keep a rat as a pet in South Korea?

I was wondering if it is legal to own rats as pets in South Korea. I currently own two rats and was hoping to take them ...

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