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Will someone help me locate an attorney who will help me in a obstruction of justice situation where

... social security administration change my financial record info to cause me to be convicted of serious crime,and then try to cut me out when I ...

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Which camera to buy for 360 degree 4k long surveilance video?

i need a 360 degree 4k video camera for my office . i want to use it as a surveillance camera. and to record everything that is moving in the room. ...

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Is there anything technology can't do?

if a computer can tap your brain and let people see what a cat is looking at with a TV would it be possible to record what the sees ...

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Can you still become a police officer with a criminal record?

I had this conversation with a couple of friends, so I am curious. If somebody has a criminal record, for ...

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Boyfriend - how do I get my parents to trust me and my bf?

im an 18 year old girl with a 19 year old bf we have been dating for 3 months. recently my mom found out about ...

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Is there any way to find out the process of my criminal record?

Hi, I have few questions about Canadian Criminal Record. I'm applying the K1 visa(fiancé ...

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Can you help me find this song with lyrics like: "My cleo bell I love you swell" ?

this wonderful girl I know told me her father used to sing this song to her from an old ...

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