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What are some tools for sentiment analysis that are suitable for academic purposes ?

i am student working on a research project, please reccomend some tools that can assist me.

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What is a good research question about animal shelters and/or animals in general?

I’m doing a research project for school on animal shelters and also volunteering in one and I need to come up with a good question related to ...

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The Cons of Building Trump's Wall?

Besides money and the environmental factors of building the wall, what are other cons?

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Personality Test?

This is a personality test I am doing for a research project! Have fun! (Inspiration) Constructive or Abstract: Constructive people tend to improve ...

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Has popcorn kernels ever popped during harvesting? On a hot day, what makes the kernels not pop?

I'm doing a research project over popcorn. I can't find ...

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What unique questions would I ask about Mount Everest?

Inquiry for a research project? (something that basically nobody would ask)

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I need help picking a dissertation title?

I do property finance and investment at uni and after doing my dissertation proposal on "The difference in Foreign ...

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