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Physics help!?

A mass 1.3 kg is initially at rest at the top of a 1.8 meter high ramp? It slides down the friction-less ramp and collides elastically with an ...

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MSNBC - Who is protecting the rest of the world from the United States meddling. We have killed?

... people to achieve our objective, I.e. Sadam Hussein and Mommar Kadafi

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What would happen if I ate nothing but mac and cheese for the rest of my life?

Nutritionally speaking. Could I survive and what health risks would it pose?

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What are some cool boy names starting with A?

I'm writing a story and I need some boy names please starting with A. Also, if you could please provide other names ...

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Please help me I need to know if any of the 2 men is the father of my baby?

ok i had sex with my x december 19,20 then had sex with my friend the next day for the rest of ...

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What makes r&b (rhythm and blues) unique?

like how is it different from all the other music what does it have that the rest don't?

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How do I weigh my head?

dont want to cut it off to do it but despratly need to find out how much my head weights! can i rest it in a kitching scales? thank you i am in a ...

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I've been vomiting lately?

I've been vomiting lately. And my parents told me just rest. Should I go to the doctor's and get medicine for myself? Or is it just ...

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