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Algebra 1 Math Task, Please Help !!?

You go to dinner and decide to leave a 15% tip for the server. You had $55 when you entered the restaurant. a. Make a table showing how much ...

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If you were working in a restaurant or hotel, what's the most ridiculous ppl you ever met?

I am running a small restaurant for three years, I met so many people who did shitty things, like steal the money box for disability people, steal ...

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Name your best fast food restaurant?

Nmae your best fast food restaurant and the servings there?

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Can you please recommend a romantic restaurant in New York City?

I want to have an unforgettable dinner or late lunch at a great Italian restaurant in NYC. Italian chef ...

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What is you favorite food in lunch ?

I am Sheff in top restaurants.But i have an question.What is favorite food in lunch ? Please suggest me about favorite lunch,that ...

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Which restaurant name do you like the most?

Hi, I'm opening a restaurant that will serve wood fired chicken in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is a fast casual eatery focusing on ...

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