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Is wearing a fursuit publicly in any part of Alabama illegal?

I am planning on buying a fursuit but dont know if i can wear it in public. I've checked the laws but have no results on Anything regarding if ...

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A certain load and set of slings create a 20 degree angle between the load and each sling leg. using

... a spreader for the same lift would result in a 160 degree angle between the load and each leg. what is the reduction (in percent) in sling ...

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The​ Enemy: Our​ Mind-Sets 1. The enemy of clear thinking is our​ mind-sets. By the time we?

... are​ grown, our minds have become set in patterns of thinking that affect how we respond to new ideas. These​ mind-sets are the result of our per ...

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Need powerful weight loss tips?

i've literally tried over 6 - 10 weight loss diets and workout routines. tae bo seems to be the only workout i enjoy doing and i do ...

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Gaining muscle while over weight?

I'm over weight and need to lose a lot. I've been weight lifting and have noticed results, will gaining muscle make me gain ...

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What are some effects about drinking and driving?

Like what are the results of drinking and driving, like what happens?

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Why do we keep driving cars (and at such high speeds) when they cause death, injury, and disability?

When cars were invented, they were much slower and people didn't ...

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I had unprotected sex with my partner.i'm preganent nw.need to abort.menses time delayed for 26days?

i'm 22 years old gir I had unprotected sex with my partner. my ...

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