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Functional cysts on both ovaries?

My results said subcentimeter cysts follicular cysts on both ovaries. What does this mean? I asked my doctor and she said it s not PCOS. I had my ...

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Allergy skin test results: dust mites, ragweed & cat dander. Still sneeze outside -not ragweed time?

I check the allergy report daily and whatever is pollinating isn't ragweed. Why am I still having allergy symptoms? It only happens when I go ...

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Need powerful weight loss tips?

i've literally tried over 6 - 10 weight loss diets and workout routines. tae bo seems to be the only workout i enjoy doing and i do ...

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What are some effects about drinking and driving?

Like what are the results of drinking and driving, like what happens?

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Gaining muscle while over weight?

I'm over weight and need to lose a lot. I've been weight lifting and have noticed results, will gaining muscle make me gain ...

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I had unprotected sex with my partner.i'm preganent nw.need to abort.menses time delayed for 26days?

i'm 22 years old gir I had unprotected sex with my partner. my ...

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How to put website in top google search result and stay there?

i want my website to be in top google search result. and want to stay there. how do i do that. please give ...

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