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I dislocated my knee cap 15 weeks ago and still not 100% to return to sports, what's wrong.?

I dislocated my knee cap 15 weeks ago, I'm able to return to work and walk pretty good like there's no problem. But there are times where ...

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Do I have to return a Authorization for Release of Confidental Information to my middle school?

Do I have to do anything that a school tells me to do

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A GBP 500,000 180-day bill is purchased with a yield of 6% and sold 90 days later with a yield of 5?

(i) Calculate the annual and the effective rate of return over the holding period for this investment. (ii) Explain the difference between these ...

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Should I return the ipod?

my dad said he found an ipod outside the store were he works and since he doesn't know that much about tech he asked me to look at it and i ...

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Heat coming out of house return vent. What does this mean??? PLEASE HELP!!!?

This morning I was walking past the return vent in my house, and I felt HOT AIR coming out of ...

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Problem - a man has no money. he borrow 1000 rupees from friend .he also borrow 500 another friend.?

... total borrow 1500. he loss 1000 from pocket .now he has 500 ...

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Are there any women out there?

Are there any women out there who wouldn't mind me asking questions about farting and pooping. In return you can ask me questions ...

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I accidentally bought a men's jacket?

I just accidentally bought a men's jacket in Forever 21. (It was in the women's section, too.) I bought it on sale and now ...

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