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How many cm in 3/4"?

i require the cm in 3/4" to be able to return a battery by courier

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Can a window air conditioner pull in outside air?

i know the air conditioner pulls air from inside the room and cools it, then returns the cool air to the room...but does it also pull any air from ...

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Could changing the cap on a direct vent fireplace cause a vortex or airflow change that would impede

... the return airflow enough to cause the fire to go out after five minutes? The thermopile checks as good. When I open the glass front then the ...

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Should I return the ipod?

my dad said he found an ipod outside the store were he works and since he doesn't know that much about tech he asked me to look at it and i ...

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Problem - a man has no money. he borrow 1000 rupees from friend .he also borrow 500 another friend.?

... total borrow 1500. he loss 1000 from pocket .now he has 500 ...

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Heat coming out of house return vent. What does this mean??? PLEASE HELP!!!?

This morning I was walking past the return vent in my house, and I felt HOT AIR coming out of ...

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Tricky math question?

Borrow 500 from Dad Borrow 500 from Mom Get a shoe for 970 Balance 30 Return 10 to Dad Return 10 to Mom Keep balance 10 Now, owe dad 490 Now, owe ...

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Are there any women out there?

Are there any women out there who wouldn't mind me asking questions about farting and pooping. In return you can ask me questions ...

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