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Can you walk across the Mexican border to USA with a pet?

I know you can walk to Mexico with a dog but can you return by walking with your dog? I was wondering that since the dog has all its shots and ...

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I'm a part time key holder in training at Dollar General but can't do returns.

Can anyone explain in more in detail what to do after I finish the return what button. Do I press to enter the customer name and address in the ...

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CPS left us a not to call them asap but won't answer our calls or emails what do we do?

CPS left us a note to call her ASAP, and we have made attempts to reach her both by phone and email she left with the note. She won't return our ...

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Should I return the ipod?

my dad said he found an ipod outside the store were he works and since he doesn't know that much about tech he asked me to look at it and i ...

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Problem - a man has no money. he borrow 1000 rupees from friend .he also borrow 500 another friend.?

... total borrow 1500. he loss 1000 from pocket .now he has 500 ...

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Heat coming out of house return vent. What does this mean??? PLEASE HELP!!!?

This morning I was walking past the return vent in my house, and I felt HOT AIR coming out of ...

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Are there any women out there?

Are there any women out there who wouldn't mind me asking questions about farting and pooping. In return you can ask me questions ...

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I accidentally bought a men's jacket?

I just accidentally bought a men's jacket in Forever 21. (It was in the women's section, too.) I bought it on sale and now ...

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