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Where did sh 100 go?

You borrow sh10000 You buy a T-shirt for sh9700 + you keep sh100 from the change = sh9800 You return sh200 So, you owe them sh9800. (period) Why ...

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What should a tanning operator do in a situation a customer returns to tan again and they're pink?

A. Allow her to tan because she is allowed to tan as much as she likes B. Recommend she tans for a less time than she did yesterday C. Tell her she ...

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How do I retrieve my money back 122.95 from a work at home program that states 100% $ back and?

Risk free i never opened program AT ALL! Company says has obligation with visa and can only return half monies to my bank acct. ONLY! Account is now ...

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Should I return the ipod?

my dad said he found an ipod outside the store were he works and since he doesn't know that much about tech he asked me to look at it and i ...

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Problem - a man has no money. he borrow 1000 rupees from friend .he also borrow 500 another friend.?

... total borrow 1500. he loss 1000 from pocket .now he has 500 ...

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Heat coming out of house return vent. What does this mean??? PLEASE HELP!!!?

This morning I was walking past the return vent in my house, and I felt HOT AIR coming out of ...

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Are there any women out there?

Are there any women out there who wouldn't mind me asking questions about farting and pooping. In return you can ask me questions ...

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I accidentally bought a men's jacket?

I just accidentally bought a men's jacket in Forever 21. (It was in the women's section, too.) I bought it on sale and now ...

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