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My ribs and sides hurt, I feel knots?

I'm 7 1/2 weeks pregnant. Days ago my dog died. I've been really upset. I've had a rash for almost 2 weeks. 2 are reoccurring and ...

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Which of the following statements about the skeleton is not correct? a. Each coxal bone is formed?

... by the fusion of three bones. b. The scapula and clavicle are components of the appendicular skeleton c. Vertebrosternal ribs attach ...

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Vagina smells like smoked brisket?

I've gotten a new smoker and have been cooking like crazy on it. Today I ate smoked chicken thighs and yesterday ate smoked ...

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I wake up every night at more or less 2am in the morning with a pain in my spine?

it feels like a sharp needle pain and as i move it spreads from that point to my ribs. ...

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Pain under right rib after drinking?

I have a dull achy pain under my right rib cage, presumably where the liver is. It hurts most when I cough, sneeze, or laugh. I have ...

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Where can I get this dress fix and and is it fixable?

I have received my prom dress it fits perfectly but a slight problem.The zipper won't go up all the way because ...

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Is this good?

Countdown There are exactly five days until the day I will last see you. By then I should have already ripped my heart out of my rib cage.. I mean my coffin ...

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