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Questions for people well versed with Vietnam?

1. What is your full name (for the reference) and nationality? 2. How well-versed are you with Vietnam’s history? 3. Are rice paintings common ...

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Can cinnamon toast help food poisoning?

Hi! I have food poisoning but I can't use the BRAT diet because I dont have bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. But I have CINNAMON toast can ...

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What is used to take the smell off cooked rice?

There is something you can add to rice when it is cooking that removes the unpleasant odour that some rices have. It's pandan leaf or something ...

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I eat rice. (change into active voice)?

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If you were a bussiness woman do you agree or disagree for the government planning to convert your?

... town rice field into an industrial park, and one of the bridges ...

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If I directly apply the hot air into water the water temperature rice or not?

i just need immediate heat reaction it possible?

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Why does my rabbit act weird after eating rice crackers? (unflavored)?

it jumps around and dashes everywhere, i don't know whats going on. and whenever i feed him ...

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