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Does anyone make a rear discharge riding mower? If not why not?

Years ago Wheel Horse made a great, rear discharge riding mower. I can't find any today. If no one makes one, does any body know why not?

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Was John Wayne riding the horse in True Grit at the end when he jumped over the graveyard fence?

In john Wayne's movie True Grit at the end he jumped over the graveyard fence with the new horse was John Wayne riding him?

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Insect bites around my ankles and feet only. Been out in the bush. On feet where shoes were aswell?

Yesterday I went horse riding out in the bush, I had shorts and shoes on. I went through a lot of long grass. I have a lot of red, Itchy dots around ...

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Can you lose your virginity while riding a bike? (as a girl of course)?

I've seen this in a TV show and now I feel awkward riding my bicycle. I just want to know if ...

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Why does my horse stop when I say whoa lunging but when I say whoa riding he throws his head & flips

Before I get on my horse I lunge him to get some energy out and when ...

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Horse-vaccination reaction? lameness? help!?

I bought a horse who had not been vaccinated/ridden in 4 yrs.... after 2 weeks of riding him regularly- he was vaccinated. ...

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When a battery on a riding mower sorta prrrs and sometimes does nothing what could be the problem?


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