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Did Romans use specially trained soldiers for crucifixions, or regular army soldiers?

I am interested to find out if during the crucifixion era Romans used regular soldiers for executions, or were there specially trained full time ...

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Describe evolution of different way of entertainment and explain its influence on architecture with?

... the help of roman colosseum and any indian place

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Which accurately describes battle achievements of Alexander the Great?

He defeated the Roman Empire in Egypt, founded the city of Cairo, and ordered the preservation of King Tutankhamun artifacts. He defeated the ...

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Read first, think and then awnser: Can the bible be used to scientifically prove "Gods" existance?

In history we learned of jesus born 3 b.c. and died in 30 a.d. during ...

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Can I (muslim) marry a Roman catholic (Christian) girl?

Assalaamualaikum. I am a muslim boy. I am seeking to marry a roman catholic christian girl. Could you please tell ...

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Fully explain the illustration Paul uses of the vessels of honor and dishonor in Romans 9. Include?

... in your answer an explanation of what a vessel of honor and a ...

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How did the Christian religion come about?

The greeks and Romans had their religion but suddenly most of them started to believe in one god. I was wondering why this ...

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