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MS Excel, I have three tabs within a sheet, I want to copy a row on one tab to another tab if it = y

I have three tabs, one has all the data and will be updated with new entries frequently. The other two tabs are labeled as completed and incomplete. ...

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Removing left over chain stitches?

I have a pattern calling for chain stitches for nine inches with approximately 13-15 stitches to the inch. However the pattern for the second row is ...

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How to specify the number of rows in a table with a number in Excel?

I am attempting to completely automate a process in excel so that anyone could use it. I currently have a table that gives the duration of a lease, ...

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Seven prime numbers 5,7,11,13.17,19,23. can you arrange these numbers in seven circles?

here Seven prime numbers 5,7,11,13.17,19,23. can you arrange these numbers in ...

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What should you do if your boyfriend needs to deside to smoke weed or have you as a girlfriend?

I've been going out with him for 8 months & he lied to me about ...

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How Should Band Seating Be Arranged?

I play clarinet in my band and have always sat in the second row to the conductor. My band teacher recently changed it up so that the ...

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Does my teacher like me?

So I had an assigned seat in the middle row of the class room and he would walk up and down my row and constantly try to see if I need help and ...

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Why do I keep bleeding?

when i was on my period i had sex without a condom but ive been on birth control for 5 months now. the next week i missed two pills in a row but i ...

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