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You are assigned to design 1000 bbl of drilling mud with density of 12 ppg using Bentonite, 200?

... sacks of Barite and fresh water. The specific gravity of Bentonite and Barite are 2.5 and 4.3 respectively. (a) Determine the amount of each ...

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Each sack contains two tiles. One sack contains two yellow tiles. One sack contains contains 2 red?

... tiles. One sack contains a yellow and a red tile. All bags have the wrong labels on them. You cannot look into the bag, but you will be able to ...

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I have a nickel size blood clot with a white looking sack is that just a period clot or a misscarage

I want to post a picture but i dont know how could anyone help me with that so i can show you so you can see?

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