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A salesman is paid a basic salary of sh 12000 plus a commission of 3% on sales above sh 50000.. much money did she earn in a month she sold goods worth sh 750000?

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Should I negotiate salary, even if my outside recruiter insists that I shouldn't?

An outside job recruiter contacted me to help fill a position at a company. He said that the position had a salary range of 70k-80k. I informed him ...

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Search engine optimization job is good or not for frsher?how much salary to a fresher for this job?

I want to know details about search engine optimization job for a ...

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Does a teachers salary affect the way they teach?

Please explain.

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Math Question (not sure what I am doing wrong?) Please help!?

When hired at a new job selling jewelry, you are given two pay options: Option A: Base salary of $15,000 a ...

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A doctor or an engineer ?

hey, i was thinking since a long long time and i cant decide, should I be a doctor or an engineer ? average doctors get more salary but they ...

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