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How long would it take to get from America to Australia by boat?

I am doing some research for a novel and need to know since such navigation of this scale is way over my head. An Aircraft Carrier sails from the ...

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My GPA at school is based on a 4.00-point scale. In total, I have 13 credits. With each A, B, C,...

...or F being 0.50 credits each, I have6 A's, 11 B's, 3 C's, and 6 D's. My GPA for my 8th grade year, when I received 1 credit ...

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Does anyone know how to do Scales?

My sister and I want to cosplay as characters from our book as a way of promotion. The problem is that the one character has blue scales instead of ...

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How do I weigh my head?

dont want to cut it off to do it but despratly need to find out how much my head weights! can i rest it in a kitching scales? thank you i am in a ...

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Looked at the scale and I'm still not losing weight I'm stuck?

I've changed my diet two or three times in the past four to six months, I don't eat junk food ...

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What are the easiest scales to play on a Bb tenor sax?

Bassist wanting to compose for saxophonist.

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How do I thicken up my hair again? Time scale?

I have curly hair and so I relaxed it, thinking it would be a good idea... Worst decision ever. It's turned out thin ...

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Is my breastfed baby not getting enough?

My baby girl is 2 months & 5 days old. I weigh her by stepping on a scale first then with her. It is showing she is weighing ...

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