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One time I went blind and deaf both ears and eyes for a few minutes I was fine after, what happened?

I was just riding a bike I stopped suddenly, fell, got a small cut on my hand, and I have a scar on my knee from it. I it was a few months ago and it ...

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Why is my face super red I got rid of all my acne but my face is still super red?

I had a huge breakout during summer and I cleared all my acne in August through September and now I'm all left with is acne scars and lots of ...

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How do I get rid of self harm scars? Some are deep some aren't how do I fully heal them?

And please don't say stuff like it will heal over time etc. are there any ...

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About self harming?

Hey! I will have a health check at school in the next month. I'm really scared because i don't know how to cover up my self harm scars. I ...

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I have a question about self harm scars?

I know a lot of self harm scars go white and raised but my scars on my inner forearm are just thin lines slightly darker then the ...

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Dog scratch on my face: Will it scar?

About 6 hours ago my Shih Tzu got a bit too excited and therefore I got my face scratched quite severely and painfully. It is still ...

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How to remove the Ance Scar From Face?

I just want to know the ways to remove the ance scar from face. Please help me if anyone have any suggestion.

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