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How Does Hamlet Feel About The Current State Of Affairs Within The Kingdom?

Shakespeare-In Act 1, Scene 2.

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My ex hit me on June 25th. I called the police but they haven't found him.

How long until he is found? He lives in Wisconsin but he came here (Chicago) to see me. He left the scene before the police could get there.

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Wat are some music websites not blocked on school?

I'm in to music that SCREAMS pain and sorrow like emo scene music you know

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Any good anime?

I really need a good anime to watch. Im thinking of an anime filled with action, sad scenes and really funny scenes. I love when the character is against ...

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Were any animals harmed in the making of Vikings?

There are many scenes of slaughtered animals in the TV show Vikings. Many scenes of sacrificing animals. I'm ...

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Character names for story?

I have been jotting down scenes I want for my story and am really stuck on finding names. The story is set in medieval times, England, and is a ...

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Looking for a movie?

I remember only one scene of this movie. I know it's old and also in color... Parents in a village describe the perfect child (girl or boy) and ...

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