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I have a task to find a song that fits Romeo and Juliet's first meet. Does anyone have ideas?

I have an assignment at school to find a song that relates to Romeo and Juliet's first meet. However I am not creative. Any ideas?

Posted 3 days ago | 3 answers | | Open

Related topics: school, first, creative, song, romeo, idea, juliet, meet, assignment, schools, songs

What do I do?

i am 14 and have been home schooled my whole life but I am actually not receiving any schooling and I can't go to a real school for reasons ...

Posted 6 days ago | 2 answers | | Open

Related topics: life, school, real, beyond, schools

Can anyone recomend a play for 12 yr olds showing before12/30/18?

We would enjoy watching school plays or something. It does not need to be professional

Posted 4 weeks ago | 0 answers | | Open

Related topics: school, play, watching, enjoy, professional, showing, schools, old

Schools - What is an important concept of the goals of geriatric care? A. The goals vary greatly?

... depending on the individual, family/caregiver and healthcare setting. B. The goals are all long-term goals. C. The goals are all short-term ...

Posted 4 weeks ago | 2 answers | | Open

Related topics: family, school, concept, setting, care, goal, schools, healthcare, individual, shorts

Can you suspend a student for flushing gym uniforms down a school toilet?

I am a gym teacher, and I've recently had a problem. Students' gym uniforms have been found in the locker room toilets.I have had ...

Posted 7 weeks ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: school, room, uniform, gym, found, toilet, down, student, locker, teacher, problem, schools

If life is unfair for me, but life is fair for them. How is that fair?

I remember I was in a line at school, and somebody took my paperwork and changed my name into their name, then I said "excuse me" then they ...

Posted 8 weeks ago | 1 answers | | Open

Related topics: life, fair, school, paperwork

What Is 6.9096 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

I'm not allowed to play electronics until I get 50 points on Get More Math, A math program that my school uses. One of the questions is ...

Posted 10 weeks ago | 2 answers | | Open

Related topics: school, play, program, point, electronic, question, math, schools, maths, electronics

Should I switch schools?

I go to a school that provides an excellent education. However, I have no friends. I not over exaggerating. My school has 100 kids from grade 1-12, ...

Posted 3+ months ago | 6 answers | | Open

Related topics: school, kid, friend, over, education, kids, schools, friends, grade, grades

Parenting rules for my teenage lesbian daughter?

I am a single father of a 14 year old "out" high school teenage girl. I am perplexed as to how to apply traditional model ...

Posted 3+ months ago | 2 answers | 1 star | Open

Related topics: school, high, girl, daughter, father, single, traditional, dating, teenage, rule, parenting, schools, girls, lesbian, high school, ...

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