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Who and when did scientist realize the earth was round?

Before, as history stated, the year 1492 people thought the earth was flat. When did this idea change and who changed it?

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How do you think food scientists make extreme or odd candy flavors?

How do you think food scientists make extreme or odd candy flavors? From SOUR to SWEET.

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Consider the following scenario. The highlighted portions are only to raise your awareness of...

...some of the issues involved. Imagine that you are the scientist described here. How would you work out the ethical issues involved? As you ...

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Why do Christians not like gay people?

God makes people in his image so why would he make gay people.and please don't tell me being gay is a choice because it is ...

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Why haven’t anyone invented something to burp baby’s quicker and easier?

Like honestly sit here frustrating at 4:00 AM with minimum sleep. These scientist now a days ...

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Curiosity is important in the progress of science because it....?

A) aids in the interpretation of data B) encourages new experimentation C) ensures the inclusion of ...

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Science Question?

Which statement matches the scientists to their research on atomic theory? a. Rutherford used gold foil; Thomson discovered electrons b. Thomson used ...

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Science Question?

Scientists tested the effect of a fertilizer on the growth of plants. They had 2 sets of plants, Group A which gets fertilizer, water and sun and Group ...

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