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I keep my credit utilization rate low but does how frequently I use my card affect my credit score?

I rarely use more than 15% of my $1,500 credit limit, but what I really wanted to know was, if I use my card every day for small purchases and then ...

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When does the Snapchat score update?

Does anyone know when the Snapchat score updates? Is it every time the user enters the app, or just randomly?

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11 year olds get preg cuz she had sex wit her 17 year old bf???

All I'm wondering is how do guys even find girls of that age attractive? What do they see in girls ...

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Is there a way to see if someone blocked you from seeing their Snapchat stories?

I can still see their score if I clicked on their profile though

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My boyfriend is commenting on pics of girls on FB and requesting naked pics from them?

He says that he did that because he has self esteem problems and because he needs ...

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