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What do you think about His Secret Obsession?

Please give me some information

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Is it still pirating if you can't get the game anywhere else?

I wanted to get secret of mana for the wii, but I was too late. I can't buy it anymore, if I were to get the game through modding, usbs, and ...

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I'm a fifth grader and like a girl in my class and I don't know if she likes me back?

My best friend told her that she had a "secret admirer" and she knew it ...

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How the hell can I remove my shyness and nervousness?

i am a 20-year-old girl.its my secret i never tell anyone around me and it will nerver happen. i am easy to be shy ...

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Should I tell my boyfriend about my past relationship with my best friend?

3 years ago I went out with my best friend (Val). We never told anyone (he wanted to keep it a ...

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What do you do when your biggest secret is revealed?

So I've had a secret for about 10 years.(i Am 14) And my mom let it out today. She said it RIGHT in front of my ...

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What is the meaning of hashtags with numbers, as in #17 or #28 for exemple?

What is the meaning of hashtags with numbers, as in #17 or #28 for exemple? I mainly found ...

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