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I broke my wrist last week I have a semi cast on it till I go to the bone doctor.

I broke my wrist last week I have a semi cast on it till I go to the bone doctor but I sometimes get bad sharp pains in the palm of my hand and my ...

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What type milk make you grow smart?

because every time I drink semi skimmed I don't feel like I am growing the when I drink skimmed I don't feel like I growing then when I ...

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LOOKING for a semi-Sci Fi, made I think for t.v. Feminine computer chartacter and interaction with?

and the programmer. I think it was called "She". Know where I can access it?? Or what I've got wrong. Thanks

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Why does he treat me like a prostuitue? Should I take it offensively?

My sex life is great, my semi longdistance relationship with my two year boyfriend is always hot and ...

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What can I do? I feel so betrayed. :(?

A guy I like and I'm pretty sure likes me has been flirting with me and stuff NON-STOP the past few days and looking at my ...

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Why have I seen 40+ semi's being escorted by police?

Police escort

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Are canned mussels eatible without prior cooking?

Therefore, can I open the can and directly eat? Are they precooked? or are they raw or semi-raw and I need to reheat ...

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Has anybody installed KITH kitchen cabinets and can you speak to the quality?

I am looking to renovate the kitchen with a cabinet budget of about 8K. I was just ...

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