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Thomas Moore article - extra credit: in 5-7 sentences explain the following:

What is Thomas More’s “Utopia” (be descriptive, use quotes); What does More think is wrong with England or current society; What ...

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How do I start a sentence about growth mindset but without start with I will tell you about and ext?

I mean things like my growth mindset is important or like I am going to tell you how I will improve my growth mindset

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Need german to translate this please (tried google)?

this is a conversation between me and a friend, each line is a separate sentence... ja alerdings ich bin seid 3 ...

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I have to write an ad for a sold house for school . someone Please help?

You are trying to sell your home. Using 6-8 complete Spanish sentences, write an ad describing ...

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He gave me any money. Is it a correct sentence?

Is the grammar correct?

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