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Why no Shark Tank fanfiction?

Shark Tank has been on for almost 8 years now, but people have only written a few parody fanfics about it. Why isn't there more Shark Tank ...

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What pretty fish can I put with a black red-tailed shark and 5 platys, in a 20 gal. tank?

The black red-tailed shark is about 5 or 6 years old, he does fine with the platys and I would just liked some more pretty fish to my tank!

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I wish to get a loan?

I wish to get a loan? I thought that I have to take a payday loan but my friend told that these loans are unsecured loans. Please make me know the ...

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Sharks Dont mean to harm people. so why do people kill them? to hurt them? to give them revenge?

I Mean. its kinda scary to think that ten years from now there wont be ...

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Should I borrow money from a loan shark? Or should I do something else?

I'm about to lose my home!

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Can a wolf biologist (from america) help people in aussie understand dingoes?

im a 16 year old trying to decide what i want to do im between marine bio particularly ...

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