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Name of long metallic, metal chord coming out of unhooked light panel?

I have a shed and there's no power in it yet. There's this long metallic, metal chord coming out of the light panel and I'm curious as ...

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Who was Joseph Priestley?

I know he lived in the eighteenth century around the time of Benjamin Franklin. Can anyone shed some light on how he affects our life today?

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How do I make my dog less annoying?

Here is what my dog does: He sheds too much He barks at every dog he hears and sees ( which is VERY loud) He wants food all the time ...

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I had a weird dream can anyone help me figure out what it means?

Okay so me and a friend like to climbing a lot (I don't really like it but I do it for him) and I ...

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I want to wear lenses just to change the color of my eye But when ever I try to,wear lenses my eye?

... start to shed tears or the vision got little blur ..n my eye ...

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Why do I get so much smoke in my shed from the wood stove?

I purchased the small camp stove from princess auto The great northern camp stove I have it installed my my ...

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How do I get a decent computer?

How do I get a decent computer? I live in a shed, rent is 75 bucks a week. I get welfare payments of 265 a fortnight, Need a decent ...

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