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So my dad passed away and the funeral was yesterday. When I noticed he didn't have on the shirt that

... I had provided for him. I get a call from the funeral director today and he asked me if I was certain it wasn't the right shirt. I told him ...

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Where can I buy a good dog dad shirt?

I want to buy a good dog dad shirt - high quality, best price and fast shipping

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Do have items for design a great t-shirt at home?

you mush need some items for design the great t-shirt at home

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How can I be more attractive?

i have layerd tick long black hair i wear skinny jeans every day i only wear shirts please dont make me wear a dress or say anything about ...

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How Should I dress?

I am a 13 yr old boy who usually wears a polo or button up shirt and some jeans. What can i do to change it up and be a little more stylish?

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• Guys answer plz •?

Do guys (in Junior High) like girls who show some skin? Like, girls who wear short shorts and belly shirts and stuff like that. Do guys in like ...

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I want to know what the latest trend in middle school is,6th grade.What do you think it is?Skinny jeans t-shirt,sweatpants longsleeve?I need answers...SOON

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