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Why would he need a CT scan?

I saw my surgeon on Tuesday & we decided to proceed with surgery. I had an MRI done in Oct/2018 which showed a lot going on in my shoulder. ...

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Injured shoulder. May get fired. Need a plan?

Here's what happened: injured my shoulder a while back. I tried various conservative treatments with limited success. It eventually got somewhat ...

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Does taking high doses of steroids cause a fatty pad or hump between the shoulders?

An infusion of steroids, like the kind you take for an MS relapse.

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Does he like me?

My friend was telling me about that whenever he sees a girls naked shoulders (for example, a tank top) it doesn't turn him on. I don't ...

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Do you think Im in the wrong?

On a sunday around 10am my boyfriend hit me in the side of my head,shoulder and pulled out my hair over me hurting my daughter when removing ...

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Why do women have natural shiny shoulders?

I seen have women have natural shiny shoulders. I saw one or two women who shoulders shines like glass or like shiny legs ...

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Am I just a girl dreaming that he may like me?

So there is this guy and I have known him sense school started. Anyways he asks me about my day, weekend etc. He touches my ...

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How long will it take my h air to grow back?

I recently cut my hair.a little past my shoulders and I hate it used to be below breast in lenth and I was wondering how long ...

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