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I am 12 and want to become a singer/actress. Any help on how to get started?

I sing, dance and act. I have experience is ballet (no point) and jazz. I do have some lyrical experience (the acting involves dancing and singing). ...

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What song is played when you pick up an album case in far cry 5?

It is played in the background and it has kids singing

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Im singing a song to my dad for my talkent show Any ideas? Im a daddys girl!(:?

My dad is the type that will love what ever I sing, but i wanna suprise him and sing him a ...

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Youtube Video to Audio?

I'm making a video (bunch of pictures with music in background) for my cousin because she's graduating. She makes videos on YouTube of ...

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Singing Exercises?

Hey I'm a boy who wanna know how to sing. I'm a drummer so rythm is no problem and im not tonedeaf. My problem is just that no matter how ...

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What song this is...the very beginning of it is a girl singing "badda badda bum bum ba dum dum" ??

The beginning of the song is a girl singin "badda badda bum bum ba ...

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What can I do to improve my singing?

Okay.i admit I have a lot of questions in my mind.well,I really want to be a singer after I'm 18 years old.but I don't ...

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