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Riding a skateboard in school?

For the last day of high school, I just wanted to have some fun and carry my skateboard around to my 2 finals and then ride through the almost empty ...

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New deck makes trucks uneven?

i just bought a new skateboard setup and when i set the board on the ground only 3 of the wheels touch, then i swapped out the trucks and wheels and ...

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How to unscrew the mounting hole of the skateboard when it is to deep?

I unscrewed the other 3 but I screwed it to deep I been trying to looses it I need help I used wrench and a screw driver

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How to go from Mongo foot to regular on skateboard? I can't do an Ollie? It's hard to ride a ripstik

Hey, I was wondering how could I make an easy transition from mongo ...

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Skateboarding tips please?

Well, hey there. My name's Natasha and I LOVE to skateboard but I'm not a pro :c I have been skateboarding for a month or so and ...

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I skateboard and my skat eboard had an ok pop on my nose and tail how can I get a better pop on them

I need a.better pop on my board I don't have a lot of money 2 ...

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Should I buy the terrapin 34 or the malakai 40 if Im 4ft 11.5in and a begginer?

They are longboards from Origional Skateboards. it will be my first board.. im only ...

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