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Recently, I’ve been experiencing an increase in the number of floaters in my field of vision.

I see them every time I look at the sky, but the amounts vary. I can see even more floaters when I squint, and this makes their looks different. I ...

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How can I paint a night sky on bedroom walls?

I want my bedroom walls to look like a night sky (purple or dark blue with stars) but I can't figure out how to paint the stars! I don't ...

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Do we need religion?

Do we need religion in our lives or do we NOT need religion? If we needed religion in our lives, we would only pray and pray to Him, up in the sky.

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Why is the sky blue?

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Why do we believe in things that nobody else would see?

Like God. There isn't any evidence that God really exists right? I believe God exists because he was the one ...

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What is a good name for a female Siberian Husky?

I am getting a female husky but don't know what to name her. My male husky is called SKY. These are some I like ...

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Where is Hell at?

In the sky. Somewhere in the sky, or underground.

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