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What is the best length for your teeth?

It might not be obvious to you, but the length of your teeth can greatly affect the look and feel of your smile.

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Is there a website to identify status bar notification icons?

I am trying to identify a notification icon that is a smile face with only eyes and smile, white in color

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Why does my crush always looks down on the floor in the hallway when he see me ??

We used have class last semester and he would always glance or smile at me during class ...

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What do I do if I'm 11 and have a crush on a 35 yr old? I think she likes me back?

I get erections thinking about her. She's married with 2 kids. I know its wrong ...

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New School and a

At my new school, there are three grade 8 classes, and he's in another one than me. He's cute and i love his smile, but i never ...

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Love - So is this boy actually interested in me?

So is this boy actually interested in me? I like this boy for a while know we went to the ... movies not long ago, if I ...

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Google - Does this girl like me?

Ok so when i'm around her I always see her smile and when I do something like hand her something she will start smiling. Another ...

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