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My neighbours have lit a fire for the 2nd day now and it is releasing a lot of horrible smoke...

...(because of the type of wood it is). Yesterday the fire lasted for around 6 hrs and started at 1pm; it is happening today as well. I have asked ...

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My parent dosen't want me to smoke pot, I don't see anything wrong with it?

Recently I've been getting caught up with Pot.. with my Dad. I'm 15 and in High ...

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I want to do drugs because my life is boring! But I keep telling myself not to! What should I do?

lately I have wanted to smoke marijuana for the fun of it! i have never ...

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HELP !!!!????????

Okay guys so basically this Tuesday I smoked some marijuana with a friend and well I don't really smoke the last time I did was like last year ...

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Do you like people who smoke?

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Is Medical Marijuana a Sin?

First off I dont smoke Marijuana. My friend's dad does and he has a brain tumor caused by chemical exposure during the gulf war. He says ...

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