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Have you seen this man in your dreams?

I had a dream with a man in it with black floppy sort of hair. He was Mexican or Indonesian and had specifically a green (I think carved wooden) ...

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I found a snake skin in my jeep I haven't seen the snake its been a couple months and I don't...

...think snakes like the heat so I was wondering if it could be hiding in the dash? I don't think it could but that's my question. Could it?

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Help me recognize a snake?

An Army soldier was bitten by a snake in afghanistan it was During summer in a few hours his face strated swallowing and had deficulty in breathing ...

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How do snakes go potty?

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Will garter snakes and eastern ribbon snakes live together?

I live in northern NJ and have recently been seeing 3 snakes around my driveway- I think they made a den out ...

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Are Python snakes poisonous?

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