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Im 18 and my mom won't give me the things I need to get my ID?

My mother won't get me anything I need to get my ID. she has my social security and my school has a copy of my birth certificate. I live in ...

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I work for the government. on my paychecks my social security is not taken out. how come?

i googled this matter and i got answers like, "your social security will be distributed to you annually once you leave that government ...

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Can social security freeze funds in a bank account?

can social security seize or freeze funds in the bank account of a deceased person if the deceased was on Medicaid and living in a nursing home when ...

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Social Security?

Hello, Hi I have a question. If someone from another country is here in the United States, and this person does not have a social security ...

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I am 18, I have no proof of who I am. My mom passed away before I turned 18 and she had none of my?

... information. (Social security, birth certificate, social security ...

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Why did social security admin. access my credit report?

I reviewed my credit report and found this inquiries dated 09/21/12. do not understand the purpose of the ...

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I went to planned parenthood and lied about my income. I said that I made a lot less money than I?

... actually do. I feel extremely bad about this. I gave them my ...

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