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How can you keep boys school socks up?

Need a solution

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How much energy does it take to bring a thought to reality? Can socks/carpet or flexing power this?

If you thought you were lifting a bible in your head would it then become reality if you revert the energy used to create thought to power your ...

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Kevin is trying to find a brown sock in his drawer. He has 16 white socks, 4 brown socks, and 6...

... black socks. What is the probability that he pulls out either a black or white sock, puts it back and then pulls out a brown sock?

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Why are shoes and socks removed when people faint?

I've had my shoes taken off, usually when I've fainted before. Actually, every time I've fainted, my ...

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Is it okays for a girl to wear Nike slides with socks? And is it still a trend?

I just got Nike slides and Im not sure if the trend is becoming old to wear socks with the ...

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A drawer contains red socks, black socks, and white socks. What is the least number of socks that?

... must be taken out of the drawer to be sure of having 4 pairs of ...

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Do kids need socks in bed?

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Why do socks get lost in the washer/dryer?

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