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Should I leave my friends and be alone instead?

My friends are kinda bad and kinda good they understand that I am a soft person but they barely even talk to me and call me and include me and if I ...

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Help me remember what this old candy is!?

Trying to remember an old candy. It's hazelnut shaped hard candy with soft center. Kind of like a werthers or nips, but its ...

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What is a good example of a good Pokemon trainer ID to hunt for shinies?

I heard your Pokemon Trainer ID boosts your luck of getting a shiny. I am soft reseting for a ...

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Is my mom unfair?

I am 15 and my halfbrother is 10. my mom divorced his dad and has been soft on him for it. My bother commits Identity theif by stealing $200 from our ...

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If 2 cars are going 80miles per hour and one has peek performance tires the other slightly deflated?

Are they still going to do 80miles in 1 hour? These cars are in a ...

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Is it safe for me to eat ONLY sweets? I'm a vegetarian but veggies are difficult to eat?

I have throat problems where I can't eat hard foods & its too tedious to ...

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